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As a firm oriented towards pragmatic advice and implementation, BRICS Consulting is the leader on the Russian market in compliance services. One dimension of compliance is made up of control and investigations. Effective control is the basis of compliance, control red flags may in turn trigger investigations. The lawyers at BRICS Consulting are best placed on the Russian and Ukrainian markets to offer comprehensive compliance services thanks to the affiliation with Awara which offers comprehensive compliance services in all aspect of business administration be it financial, tax, IT, HR, and audit. We have the resources and needed specialists for all kinds of internal investigations, on fraud, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, employment sanction issues, trade sanctions and export control issues.

Together we can also design and implement the needed preventive measures such as corporate governance and compliance programs, education and training, anti-corruption policies, risk management programs, anti-trust regulations.

We can assist with conducting internal investigations into possible irregularities, such as allegations of accounting irregularities, suspicion of corrupt practices, fraud, tax evasion and other improprieties.

Together with other Awara companies we offer the following compliance services:

We have invested heavily in standardized processes and innovative technology tools to offer organizations high-quality, cost-effective tax compliance services.

Together with Awara Accounting we undertake to provide both corporate clients and private individuals a full service on all tax compliance issues, including full outsourcing of both financial accounting and tax accounting filing of tax returns (tax declarations) – read more about Awara Accounting.

Awara Accounting delivers solutions that are designed to assist the organization in its efforts to automate, refine, and support the tax compliance cycle — solutions that enables the company to react in time to avoid a tax dispute. The solutions involve software that enables the client to enhance efficiencies, align data and improve transparency from ERP systems all the way through the reporting and documentation process.

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