Corporate law

As part of the leading business administration services group, Awara we have a truly extensive experience of advising leading international corporations with all kind of corporate governance and compliance issues. Some of our corporate governance services are available in form of our outsourced corporate secretary package.

The lawyers of BRICS Consulting have a thorough experience in advising on all issues of corporate law. Our counsel starts with advising on the best corporate structure for the Russian business to match the business objectives and by considering the business crucial taxation and finance aspects as well as risk management. Equally we plan how to reorganize the business to meet these objectives. We draft the company charter by keeping the business crucial issues in mind. As part of our comprehensive corporate governance service we advise on director’s liabilities and we help to implement an optimal system of authorizations, responsibilities, and liabilities for executives and directors from point of view of company charter, relevant policies, employment agreements, systems of filing and software.

For many of our clients we provide day-to-day support in solving legal and commercial matters.

Being a part of the outsourcing company Awara we have the means and the culture for providing affordable, quick and clear advice as matters rise. Our lawyers possess real experience in contract law in view of each day assisting clients with the review, drafting, negotiation and management of commercial agreements. Often we are at first instance engaged for drafting distribution agreements and strategies as well as standardized supply and procurement agreements.

In view of the international orientation of our practice and our international network of partners we can serve with international law involving contracts virtually of any country in the world.

As part of our corporate governance services we offer a full service of ensuring regulatory compliance and compliance with internal policies.



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